Building the future of early intervention in lung cancer


Early lung nodules are difficult to diagnose.

Surgery is too often the only way to obtain enough lung tissue to make an accurate diagnosis and drive early intervention.

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The ThoraCore System
A minimally invasive, lung-sparing device that aims to provide physicians and patients with the information they need to move forward with treatment.
Providing Definitive Answers Early.
ThoraCore aims to give patients definitive answers earlier in the progression of their disease when there is a higher likelihood of successful treatment.
Minimally Invasive, Minimally Intrusive.
ThoraCore aims to minimize the effect of excision on a patients’ lung function and quality of life, while avoiding unnecessary surgery.
Enabling Patient-Driven Care Decisions.
ThoraCore aims to provide patients with the data to drive personalized treatment planning, rather than defaulting to invasive methods.

We Benefit Every Stakeholder.

A Solution to Drive Early Intervention
We aim to give physicians the opportunity to move the needle on early intervention in lung cancer and improve workflow and treatment planning along the way.
A Solution to Reduce Cost and Complications
We aim to decrease cost by reducing complications, OR time, length of stay, and intervening in the progression of lung cancer.
A Solution to Give You Peace of Mind
We aim to provide patients with definitive answers on what is going on in their lungs so they don’t have to live in fear.

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